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The 2020 WHRI Symposium is focusing on the exciting arena of digital health.

Join us on March 4th and discover how digital technologies and digitization of information are changing health care world-wide and enabling ground-breaking research.

Digital health in its simplest form is described as the utilization of technological innovations to enhance the health and well-being of individuals. However, its extensive applications come in the forms of sensors and wearables, AI, mobile healthcare apps, electronic health records, virtual consultations and virtual treatment.

This growing field holds overwhelming possibilities in transforming healthcare that can benefit healthcare systems, healthcare providers and their patients. Digital health advancements are leveraging data collection which provides the opportunity for early identification or prevention of disease, personalisation of medicine, support in the monitoring and management of health conditions, and improvements in treatment.

Digital health in the form of remote monitoring, self-management apps and telemedicine not only improve patient satisfaction and lifestyles, but also have the ability to reduce healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary healthcare appointments and emergency admissions.

While digital health holds enormous potential to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, its rapid evolution also raises a series of ethical considerations. Advances in technology are the result of human developments; therefore, the onus is on humans to develop safe, ethical innovations that are inclusive of and accessible to people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, medical conditions, incomes, or genetic backgrounds.

The 5th Annual WHRI Symposium will focus on these critical conversations surrounding digital healthcare and will feature presentations from invited speakers discussing how this emerging field is mobilizing and catalyzing women’s and newborn health research.

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