Funding Successes

2023 Health Research BC – Research Trainee Award Recipients: To read more, click here.

Congratulations WHRI members and their team members who have received the Michael Smith Health Research BC 2023 Research Trainee award: 

1. Lfeoluwa Awogbindin (Supervisor: Marie-Eve Tremblay*, Co-supervisor Therese Di Paolo)
2. Kelcey Bland (Supervisor: Kristin Campbell*, Co-supervisor Helen McTaggart- Cowan*)
3. Tyrone Curtis (Supervisor: Nathan Lachowsky*)

4. Elizabeth Nethery* (Supervisor: Laura Schummers*, Co-supervisor: Kimberlyn McGrail)

Note: WHRI researchers and Trainee-members denoted by * above

2023 Scholar Award Recipients: To read more, click here.

1. Annie Duchesne
2. Elizabeth Keys 

Congratulations to the WHRI members and their teams who have received the CIHR grants!

  • CIHR Canada Research Chair Tier 1: To read more, click here.

    1. David G. Huntsman (Canada Research Chair – Tier 1)

  • CIHR National Women’s Health Initiative competition: To read more, click here.

1. Lori Anne Brotto
2. Melanie Altas
3. Saraswathi Vedam
4. Melanie C. Murray
5. Hélène Côté
6. Jessica Liauw
7. Jennifer A. Hutcheon
8. Martha J Paynter