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Our members comprise a vast network of investigators engaged in women’s health-related research across British Columbia, with nodes of women’s health research expertise identified in each corner of the province.

We aim to strengthen and expand the current network of women’s health researchers both locally and nationally in order to build our research network and promote meaningful collaborations.

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Membership Benefits

At the Women’s Health Research Institute, we are passionate about women’s health and believe that research is essential to ensuring the health and well-being of women.

We make a difference by connecting the medical community, other research institutes and key academic partners involved in women’s health research. We support individuals involved in women’s health research by setting them up for success.

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RESEARCH SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE: We offer quality support across the spectrum of the research process, from the initial conceptualization of the idea through to the publication and translation of results. Below are a few examples of services we provide:

  • Access to laboratory facilities (e.g., sample processing and storage lab)
  • Space for trainees and research staff
  • Bookable clinical exam and interview rooms
  • Assistance with protocol development
  • Preparation of ethics & regulatory applications
  • Budget advising and development
  • Hiring and management of research staff
  • Database building (e.g., REDCap, Excel)
  • Data management (collection, entry, storage)
  • Assistance recruiting & consenting participants
  • Conduct interviews and surveys
  • Statistical advising & analysis
  • Presentation development

NETWORKING: We believe that communication is one of the keys to a successful research agenda. The WHRI engages and expands the provincial network of women’s health by hosting events and supporting virtual connections between researchers and stakeholders in this area. Below are examples of networking opportunities we provide:

  • Monthly Research Rounds
  • An Annual Women’s Health Research Symposium
  • Members meetings/events
  • Project specific meetings (including videoconferencing)

KNOWLEDGE DISSEMINATION: We aim to highlight the academic work of WHRI researchers and to demonstrate the value of research and knowledge translation to support best practice. We can help you broadcast your research findings to the public or to specific stakeholder groups. Below are a few ways that we promote our research publically:

  • Through our social media channels (WHRI website, Facebook & Twitter pages)
  • Via video messages to the public (YouTube)
  • Via researcher profiles on our website
  • Through our partners’ media departments (e.g., BC Women’s, PHSA, UBC)
  • By fostering connections with specific stakeholder groups and patient populations

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: We strive to offer a variety of learning opportunities, tailored to diverse audiences. Examples of some of our educational offerings:

  • Mentorship opportunities for new investigators
  • Research orientations for clinical staff
  • Training for research personnel & trainees, including students

We are proud to advance a visionary and cutting-edge women’s health research agenda that a real and positive difference to the lives of all women. As your research interests evolve, we encourage you to keep in touch and let us know how we can assist you. In addition, should you have any suggestions for the WHRI’s future growth & infrastructure development, or any about the ways that the WHRI is available to support you, please call us at 604-875-3459 or Kathryn Dewar, Senior Research Manager, at

Lori A Brotto PHD, R PSYCH
Executive Director, WHRI
Professor | Department of OBGYN, UBC
Canada Research Chair | Women’s Sexual Health
Allied Staff Member, Vancouver Acute Health Service

Kathryn Dewar PHD
Senior Research Manager
Women’s Health Research Institute
BC Women’s Hospital + Health Center