BC Women’s Hospital Research Rounds

BC Women’s Hospital Research Rounds are going virtual! Join us the third Friday of each month from 8:00am – 9:00am to hear about the latest in women’s heatlh research.

Risk Assessment in Women: still too risky?

Presenter: Dr. Tara Sedlak

Learning Objectives:

  1. To evaluate current risk assessment tools of cardiovascular disease in women and present a novel risk assessment tool with sex-specific features
  2. To outline assessment of MINOCA and INOCA in a women’s heart center (WHC) and present 1 year data from a WHC registry at BCWH and VGH

Please email whri_cwbc@cw.bc.ca for connection details.

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I fought my entire way: Experiences of declining interventions and procedures during pregnancy and childbirth in British Columbia

Presenters: Dr. Paulomi Niles and Dr. Kathrin Stoll

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what tests and procedures childbearing people in BC declined and why
  2. Understand how care provider reactions in these situations impact childbearing people
  3. Understand implications of findings for clinical practice and education

Please email whri_cwbc@cw.bc.ca for connection details.

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Mind over Scalpel: The Optimization of Mental Health prior to Surgery

Presenter: Dr. Roxana Geoffrion

Learning Objectives:

  1. to review the biopsychosocial model of health and disease in surgery
  2. to explore sex-specific coping mechanisms and pain around the time of surgery
  3. to enumerate associations of pre-surgical depression/anxiety and surgical outcomes

Please email whri_cwbc@cw.bc.ca for connection details.

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COVID RESPONSE: COVID Rapid Evidence Study of a Provincial Population based cOhort for geNder and SEx; Results from a Population Based Survey

Presenters: Dr. Lori Brotto, Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Dr. Angela Kaida, Dr. Liisa Galea, Dr. Manish Sadarangani

Learning Objectives:

Survey data from 5000+ British Columbians will be presented, including:

  1. Impact of pandemic controls on mental health
  2. Intention to receive COVID-19 vaccinations
  3. Economic impacts of pandemic control, including impact on income, housing, and food security
  4. Impact of pandemic controls on reproductive health and access to contraception outcomes

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Current dispensing and practice use patterns of ulipristal acetate (UPA) 30mg (Ella®) as emergency contraception in British Columbia

Presenter: Dr. Michelle Chan

Learning Objectives:

  1. ECElla: What did we do, what did we find
  2. What did we learn
  3. Knowledge translation and next steps

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The experience of women and health care providers in assessing history of gender-based violence during perinatal care

Presenters: Drs. Jila Mirlashari, Ann Pederson, Lori Brotto, & Janet Lyons

  • Learning Objective:
    To investigate the experience of women and health care providers regarding their views on the advantages and disadvantages of assessing for the presence of Gender-Based Violence during perinatal care

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on trainees engaged in women’s health research in British Columbia

Presenter: Dr. Angela Kaida

Learning objectives:

  1. To learn about how COVID-19 has yielded significant disruptions to trainees’ academic, research, professional, and personal lives
  2. To explore trainee-led recommendations for institutional and supervisor supports
  3. To discuss what we can do as stakeholders in trainee success, to ameliorate impacts in the short and longer term

Self-Care Interventions for Health

Presenter: Dr. Manjulaa Narasimhan

Learning Objectives:

  1. WHO terminology of self-care and self-care interventions
  2. Key elements of WHO’s conceptual framework for self-care interventions for health
  3. Self-care interventions for sexual and reproductive health as additional options when facility-based provision of services is disrupted 

Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Wellbeing in British Columbia: Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Study

Presenter: Dr. Julia Smith

Learning Objectives:

  1. To explore the intersections between COVID-19 as a health crisis and the broader socio-economic determinants of women’s wellbeing
  2. To discuss how COVID-19 is particularly impacting women healthcare workers
  3. To apply gender-based analysis to policy responses to date

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Women focused digital health research: Conducting digital research and case study presentation of a digital health research project

Presenters: Ciana Maher, Madison Lackie

Learning Objectives:

1. To discuss results of digital health scan and the barriers and facilitators identified in conducting digital health research

2. To learn how to incorporate patient-orientated research and user-centred design to create equitable digital health tools

3. To provide an overview of the development of a web-based resource for postpartum depression

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A qualitative inquiry on pregnant and postpartum women’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Presenter: Dr. Hamideh Bayrampour

Goals/Learning Objectives

  1. To learn about pregnant and postpartum women’s experiences and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. To identify ways in which healthcare providers can support pregnant and postpartum population during the pandemic
  3. To discuss the implications of these findings for practice

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New mothers’ thoughts of infant-related harm: Relation to OCD and infant safety

Presenter: Dr. Nichole Fairbrother

Goals/Learning Objectives

  1. The nature and prevalence of new other’s thoughts of infant-related harm
  2. The nature and prevalance of postpartum-presenting OCD
  3. The relation of new mothers’ thoughts of infant-related harm and OCD with infant safety

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Mindfulness: Practice and results of a clinical trial  in women’s health

Presenter: Dr. Lori Brotto

Goals/Learning Objectives 

  1. Learn about a clinical trial evaluating mindfulness versus cognitive behaviour therapy for provoked vestibulodynia 
  2. Learn about a social media knowledge translation campaign designed to disseminate the research to women
  3. Be exposed to some of the mindfulness skills participants in the trial practiced
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