A Spotlight of Trainee Research from the BC Perinatal Data Registry

Thursday, August 26, 2021

1pm – 2pm

Join us for an afternoon of virtual rapid-fire presentations on women and newborn health-related research projects enabled by BC Perinatal Data Registry data from students, trainees, fellows and other researchers-in-training.

Please email marsha.simons@cw.bc.ca for Zoom details.

1:00 - 1:05pm Opening remarks
Dr. Lori Brotto, Executive Director, WHRI
1:05 - 1:10pm History of the WHRI's partnership with Perinatal Services BC to facilitate data access to the BC Perinatal Data Registry for researchers
Emma Branch, Data Analyst, WHRI
1:10 - 1:15pm Title: Maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality associated with anemia in pregnancy
Presenter: Kate Smith
Co-Authors: Flora Teng, Emma Branch, Scally Chu, K.S. Joseph
1:15 - 1:20pm Title: Relationships of the length of the second stage of labour to maternal and neonatal outcomes
Presenter: Erin Jacobs
Co-Authors Hannah Foggin, Nicole Minielly, Nicole Koenig, Geoffrey Cundiff
1:20 - 1:25pm Title: Antenatal corticosteroid for preventing morbidity and mortality in preterm twins: a regression discontinuity study
Presenter: Peter Socha
Co-Authors: Jennifer Hutcheon, Erin Strumpf, Sam Harper
1:25 - 1:30pm Title: Term second stage cesarean delivery as a risk for subsequent preterm birth
Presenter: Lisa Nakajima
Co-Authors: Janet Lyons, Arianne Albert, Leanne Dahlgren
1:30 - 1:35pm Title: Outcomes among women and people diagnosed with COVID-19 in pregnancy compared to unaffected pregnancies
Presenter: Winnie Fu
Co-Authors: Elisabeth McClymont, Arianne Albert, Tiffany Reeve, Deborah Money
1:35 - 1:40pm Title: Does vaginal bleeding before 20 weeks' gestation result in adverse perinatal outcomes for women in British Columbia?
Presenter: Ruth Habte
Co-Authors: Arianne Albert, Mohamed Bedaiwy
1:40 - 1:45pm Title: Adverse labor and delivery outcome rates by method of delivery for term deliveries in occiput posterior position
Presenter: Hannah Foggin
Co-Authors: Nicole Minielly, Erin Jacobs, Nicole Koenig, Geoffrey Cundiff
1:45 - 1:50pm Title: The effect of pre-pregnancy body mass index on gestational age specific risks in multiple pregnancies
Presenter: Jeff Bone
Co-Authors: K.S. Joseph, Chantal Mayer, Laura Magee, Sarka Lisonkova
1:50 - 2:00pm Closing remarks
Dr. Lori Brotto, Executive Director, WHRI