Announcing the launch of myPostCare

This week, myPostCare, a comprehensive web-based tool which provides support people after surgical abortion, is launching to the public. myPostCare was developed by researchers from Vitala Global with a user-centred approach, creating a tool where the voices of those who have experienced surgical abortions drove design.

Today in Canada, more than 30% of women have had an abortion and yet, many who have undergone a procedure have reported their experience as isolating. Barriers such as stigma and geography can limit access to abortion services and information. In an early research phase for myPostCare, women who had undergone an abortion indicated a lack of resources and emotional support, particularly in rural settings, highlighting a gap for accessible, confidential, and comprehensive abortion information and care.

“Emotionally it was harder than I expected it to be … even though I knew it was the right thing to do. It still brought up a lot of emotional questions and feelings.”

“I live in a remote community… So, I probably wouldn’t even feel comfortable going to somebody [for information or services related to abortion] because it’s a small town.”

myPostCare offers evidence-based information on post-procedure care, emotional well-being, contraception, sexual health, and other resources in the community such as talk lines, counselling, and more. Feasibility and acceptability research revealed that myPostCare is easy to use and useful for people seeking an abortion.

If you are a health care provider, myPostCare can complement in-person follow-up after a procedure, to provide your patients who are seeking an abortion with accessible and comprehensive information and support resources. People seeking abortions are not alone. Tell them about myPostCare today.

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