Statistical Services Update

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As part of welcoming everyone into 2024, we’d like to take the opportunity to point out the processes, people, and resources that can support your statistical needs at the WHRI. 

Statisitical Services 

Information of how to submit requests for statistical services can be found here Our Services – Women’s Health Research Institute ( – Go to Statistical services Tab: 

You will find there:

  • Statistical services request form with detailed SOP on how to fill the form.
  • Example on how your data dictionary should look for the data submission and data template.

Please note that all incoming statistical requests will be triaged based on priority-level, deadline, and funding available to support the services requested. Sufficient advanced notice is critical to offering support. It is recommended that time-sensitive statistical requests be submitted with as much advance notice as possible.

New growth and non-funded analyses

As the demand for statistical support grows, the number of non-funded analyses will be limited to five new requests per PI, per year. This excludes consultations on grant preparation, in-progress manuscripts, or re-examination of previously completed analyses. We understand that funding constraints, especially in the women’s health research space. However, we do ask that investigators and members plan and budget for all types of statistical support. We are thrilled to see a growing capacity for statistics within women’s health research and we are looking forward to another year providing statistical services. Please balance the allocation of hours between funded and non-funded projects for your team.

Sabina will implement new request tracking system from January 2024 and will send reports to PIs with status of their request and hours spent so the work is planned accordingly.

As a reminder, in order to provide statistical services, the related project needs to have regulatory approval (e.g. ethics), and to have Sabina added in RISe, before she is able to begin work on your request.

sabina stat series continues in 2024

We are thrilled to report that, starting January 25th, 2024, “Sabina’s Stats Series” will continue for a second term. This lecture series is designed to gradually enhance your statistical expertise without overwhelming you with technical jargon. Building on the basics of probability theory, the lectures will deepen your understanding of statistical concepts. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Understand how study designs relate to statistical applications.
  • Explore various statistical tests and their practical use.
  • Delve into basic and advanced statistical modeling.
  • Master data presentation and visualization techniques.

In case you missed it, Sabina previously delivered two engaging lectures as part of the WHRI Lunch and Learn series:

“Data Life Cycle”: Watch it here à  Data Life Cycle – YouTube

“What is Stats? A Series of Un/Fortunate Events”: Watch it here à Lunch and Learn 4: What is stats? A series of un/fortunate events – YouTube

Stats Corner

Swipe through our eBlast Archive and our 2023 lectures to enjoy helpful statistical information from Sabina! 

But that’s not all! Sabina has been sharing her insights through our Stats Corner in our e-blast. These practical tips and topics are based on your frequently asked questions and extend your learning from the lectures. 

Don’t miss out on these valuable resources and three introductory lectures. 

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