Hopes, Dreams, and Nightmares


On March 12th from 12-1 pm, the WHRI and its research partners are hosting a FREE Mentorship & Networking event called “Hopes, Dreams, and Nightmares.”

This “speed dating” style event will include two break-out sessions with mentors covering the select topics:

  • Research pathways for clinician-scientists
  • Interesting Journeys – non-Traditional paths to Research Careers
  • Health research needs all of us
  • Careers Outside Academia
  • Leadership: What is it and how to do it well
  • Frustrations, Fears, and Failures
  • The Nightmare Room
  • Indigenous, Black, and other trainees of Colour: racism, sexism, and other -isms in academia

Upon registration you will receive a survey link where you can select your preferred topics. Event organizers will do their best to align at least one of your top choices.

Registration is open – secure your spot today!