Funding Opportunities

WHRI Internal Funding Opportunities

CLOSED, next cycle launching summer 2022

This year, the WHRI launched its Strategic Framework for Trainees and Mentorship which aims to expand capacity for women’s health research through initiatives that support the next generation of women’s health scholars. To this end, the WHRI is launching the Graduate and Fellowship Research Award in Women’s Health, a funding opportunity specific to our trainee community. This award is intended to provide salary support to WHRI-affiliated graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are engaged in women’s and/or newborn health research and who do not currently hold major competitive salary awards.

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CLOSED, next cycle launching summer 2022

The Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI), in partnership with the BC Women ‘s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation, is pleased to announce a Catalyst Grant competition for the advancement of knowledge in women’s health.

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CLOSED (August cycle), next cycle open in Feb. 2022

  • Family Practice physician or resident
  • To support family practice research related to women’s health

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ROLLING – for Recipients of the Sue Harris Grant only

  • Family physician who is a new investigator and who has completed a research study and wishes to have it published in a peer reviewed journal


  • A past winner of the Sue Harris Family Practice Research Grant requesting funding to support the publication of findings from that project
Upcoming Women's Health Funding Deadlines

Deadline (Type)

Funding Organization

Funding Competition

12/1/21 (Full)


CGS Master's Award 2021-2022

12/1/21 (Reg);

1/12/2022 (Full)


Operating Grant : Cannabis Research in Longitudinal studies

12/1/21 (Full)

Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer

Pilot Study Award

12/1/21 (Full)

Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer

Scientific Scholar Awards

12/1/21 (Full)

Plastic Surgery Foundation

Directed Research Grant - Breast Implant Safety

12/5/21 (LOI); 2/25/22 (Full)

Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE

Funding Opportunity for University Collaborative Research on

Implementation of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

12/6/21 (LOI); 1/31/22 (Full)

Michael Smith Health Research BC

Scholar Program

12/6/21 (LOI); 2/14/22 (Full)

Michael Smith Health Research BC

Research Trainee Program

12/06/21 (Full)

SPOR Evidence Alliance

Seed Grant for Knowledge Dissemination and Implementation

with Patient Partnership Using an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Lens

12/14 (Reg.); 2/15/22(Full)

Brain Canada

Youth Mental Health Platform

12/15/21 (Full)


Health Awards and Scholarships

12/15/21 (Full)


Partnership Engage Grants

12/22/21 (LOI); 3/22/22 (Full)


Aging in Place: Technological solutions to assist older adults with

mental health conditions or social isolation

1/6/22 (Full)


Expanding Differentiated Care Approaches for Adolescents Living with HIV (R01)

1/6/22 (Full)


Expanding Differentiated Care Approaches for Adolescents Living with HIV (R34)

1/12/22 (Full)

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Postdoctoral Diversity Enrichment Program