Research & Grant Development Support

Getting research funding can make a big difference in improving your research project outcomes and impact, and ultimately improves women’s health. Your research proposal needs to be clear and competitive - not sure where find research funding? Have a research idea and want to get feedback on how to get it funded? Or, need help with revising your proposal? - reach out to the RTDO!
What is the RTDO?

The Research and Technology Development Office (RTDO) is here to support BC Children & Women’s Hospital Research Institutes affiliated trainees and researchers in getting your research, salary, and infrastructure award projects successfully funded. 

What does the RTDO do?

RTDO facilitators work alongside investigators and research teams to assist and advise investigators in the articulation of research ideas, development of competitive funding proposals, and in knowledge exchange by focusing on the quality of science and health research.

The RTDO provides expert support in the following areas:

  • Research Development – strategic initiatives, mentorship, individual programs, teams and collaborations, knowledge translation/exchange
  • Strategic Planning
  • Proposal Development – peer and critical review, competitiveness, opportunities, coordination
  • Technology Development – funding, IP, commercialization, partnerships
  • Education – scholarships, fellowships and proposals; critical review; scientific communication; and visual thinking
When should I contact the RTDO?

The earlier the better! Contact us if you:

  • Have a research idea but not sure where to get it funded or how to turn it into a research project
  • Have a research proposal that has been rejected and you need to update it
  • Have a team in place and would like input on how to develop your grant to be “more fundable”
  • Need advice on funding registration or submission process
  • Have a draft ready and need revision before submission
A rough guideline for when is best to reach out for assistance:
  • Strategize your future research program (1-5 years ahead)
  • Find the right funding opportunity (2-6 months before deadline)
  • Formulate a clear research idea (1-6 months before deadline)
  • Revise your proposal (2 days-2 months before deadline)
*NOTE, that we do not have internal deadlines, but rather have a first-come-first-serve basis and review proposals iteratively as needed before institute or external deadlines.
Who should I contact?

For assistance, reach out to Rosie Twomey (rosie.twomey@bcchr.cafrom the WHRI and RTD

Other Grant & Research Development Support
Biostatistical Support

Statistical consultation and analysis support is available to WHRI investigators, their research teams, and students. We have two biostatisticians who is are to assist investigators with all aspects of analysis and planning, including:

  • Providing advice on appropriate analysis plans, effect size calculations, etc., during project planning and ethics or grant applications
  • Conducting analyses once data collection is complete,, preparing graphs for presentations and publications, assisting with writing of results/analysis sections of manuscripts
  • Assisting with both investigator and student projects (i.e., mentorship for students to conduct their own analyses)
  • Providing support to both funded and unfunded projects
Letters of Support

The WHRI is able to provide letters of support for specific projects to investigators and their teams for use in funding applications.

If you require a letter of support from the WHRI, please contact us well in advance of the grant deadline (e.g., 2 to 4 weeks) to allow sufficient time for processing. Also, please provide us with information on the project for which you are requesting support.

Requests for letters of support can be sent to Kathryn Dewar (