Free Contraception in BC: How BC Women’s Led the Charge

Great news for BC residents! On April 1st, the province was the first in Canada to provide free contraceptives, including the pill, IUDs, injections, and morning-after pills. The move was impacted by a study led by Dr. Wendy V. Norman, which found that the cost of managing unintended pregnancies in BC far exceeded the cost of providing free contraception subsidies. In fact, it’s estimated that providing free contraception could save the province a whopping $27 million annually in just four years.

B.C.’s free contraception plan renews push for Ottawa, other provinces to follow suit
by Global News 

BC Women’s leads the way as B.C. becomes first in Canada to offer free prescription contraception
by BC Women’s Hospital

The Current with Matt Galloway: The impact of making prescription contraception free

by CBC Listen

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