C&W Research COVID-19 Updates


As you will have read on March 19, 2020, UBC announced that they are curtailing research activities on their Vancouver and Okanagan campuses as of Tuesday, March 24, 2020. This curtailment is in effect until April 30th, 2020, and could be further extended. The BCCHR and the WHRI, along with research institutes across the Lower Mainland, are adopting this same policy. The CW Research Ethics Board has provided further guidance here: http://www.phsa.ca/researcher/Documents/REB%20COVID19%20Bulletin%201%20Mar18-2020.pdf

All research by WHRI members being carried out on the C&W campus that is not time-critical, not COVID-19 related and/or that would not result in significant negative impacts must be postponed. All researchers and staff who are not needed onsite to further such approved essential activities must work remotely. Please note that research activities that can be carried out remotely (e.g., by telephone, email or videoconference) are able to continue, provided that any changes to study procedures are approved by the Research Ethics Board in advance.

If your research team must continue critical research activities on site at the C&W campus,  you MUST complete the BCCHR/WHRI/BCMHSUS Exemption Form available online in the REDCap system OR copy and paste this link https://rc.bcchr.ca/redcap/surveys/?s=8MWWRETF78 into your web browser (preferably Chrome). Without an approved exemption, all research activities on the C&W campus must remain halted. 

For questions related to research operations, institutional approvals, and ethics, please see the following contact information: