Girl wearing I Decide=#MyRightToHealth tshirtWorld AIDS Day 2017 is focusing on the theme “My health, my right” in support of universal right to health, which includes the prevention and treatment of ill health, ability to make health-related decisions, access to healthcare without discrimination or violence, and the right to education.  In the lead-up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, UNAIDS has been promoting the #MyRightToHealth World AIDS Day Campaign, which explores the challenges people around the world face in exercising their right to health.

These challenges are significant, but models of patient-centred care exist that can help women and children living with HIV realize their right to health.  BC Women’s Oak Tree Clinic practices this model of holistic interdisciplinary care focused on vulnerable women and children, and provides clinical care, research, teaching, and advocacy.  Oak Tree Clinic has been practicing “treatment as prevention” for twenty years, during which no HIV infected infants have been born to pregnant women engaged in care at the clinic.

On November 30th Oak Tree Clinic will be leading Grand Rounds in the form of rapid fire presentations.  Topics will include: Global and National statistics; a recently published paper entitled “Women living with HIV envision women centred HIV care”; challenges related to feeding infants born to women living with HIV; neurodevelopmental outcomes of HIV-exposed uninfected children; and a presentation on the results of the national study “Predictors of suboptimal antenatal treatment of pregnant women living with HIV in Canada, to prevent vertical transmission”.

The 2016 World AIDS Day “Portraits against Stigma Project” will also be on display at the event.

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