MSFHR announces C2, Reach and Innovation to Commercialization awards

Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Award recipients
Bruce Verchere*

Project: Novel nanomedicines for resolving inflammation as a treatment for type 2 diabetes

*BCCHRI/WHRI joint member
Convening and Collaborating (C2) Award recipients
Davina Banner-Lukaris

Project: Building towards consensus on compensation and conflict in patient-oriented research (POR)
Mary de Vera

Project: Building partnerships for implementing a decentralized eHealth collaborative gout care model: BRIDGE
Liisa Galea

Project: Brain Exchange: Engaging Inter-disciplinary Perspectives to Support Women's Brain Health
Manish Sadarangani*

Project: Development of a comprehensive vaccine research agenda for BC through multi-faceted collaboration

*BCCHRI/WHRI joint member
Caroline Sanders

Project: SEED: Sharing to change Early childhood Experiences by Developing, caring, compassionate leadership
Laura Sauve*

Project: ‘Exploring Being Well Together’: Maternal & Infant Health Equity in the Context of HIV

*BCCHRI/WHRI joint member
Reach Award recipients
Julie Bettinger*

Project: “VACCINE BOOSTER TALK” short film for frontline healthcare professionals

*BCCHRI/WHRI joint member
Lori Brotto

Project: #DebunkingDesire: Disseminating Facts of Women’s Low Desire Using a Coordinated Social Media Campaign