Weaver, Sydney


Weaver, Sydney

Heartwood Center for Women
Clinical Social Worker, Heartwood Centre for Women


I work closely with women with histories of severe trauma. I facilitate their ability to manage symptoms of PTSD, and identify/use their own resources. Problematic substance use is a common recourse to managing PTSD; I teach alternative, safe ways of coping (Najavits). In group and individual settings my theoretical/clinical approach is relational, anti-oppressive and mindfulness-based. I aim to cultivate safety, and facilitate awareness of the contexts of woundedness and ways of healing.

I have worked in health services (addictions outpatient); addictions housing; teaching (UBC, NVIT) and training (Best Practice with Drug-using Parents, for child welfare social workers, based on my research of 2003).
In my research, I aimed to identify structural barriers for parents using drugs; two of these projects were partnerships with VANDU, and were funded by MITACS/ACCELERATE BC.

My doctoral dissertation, “Left him in the dust:” Father exclusion from maternal harm reduction services,’ (funded by CIHR) addressed father exclusion from maternal harm reduction services (https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/44704).
Clinical and research interests: Trauma; addictions; mothering; fathering; illicit drug users; addictions; child welfare; kinship care.

Research Themes:

Reproductive Infectious Diseases

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