Marie-France Delisle


Ultrasound and invasive procedures (amniocentesis, chorionic villous sampling) are used to establish the fetus’s well being. My main research interest is to address the aspects of this process. Can we be more precise in counselling when diagnosing specific fetal anomalies? What are the impacts of associated anomalies?

There are unique aspects of the multiple pregnancy that need to be discussed at the time of the prenatal diagnosis counselling. I have reviewed the maternal and perinatal complications associated with triplet pregnancies at our institution, and amniocentesis for twin pregnancies. I have reviewed if we can use the level of amniotic fluid protein measured at the time of the amniocentesis to ensure that the procedure tested the two fetuses.

I am also involved in multicenter clinical trials. We are reviewing the use of antenatal steroids for prevention of morbidity associated with prematurity. A recently compiled study assessed the impact of doing external cephalic version at an earlier time in gestation on the caesarean section rate. The results are being analyzed.

Research Interests and Skills:  prenatal diagnosis, clinical trials, multiple pregnancy, invasive procedure

Academic Institution Affiliation: University of British Columbia (UBC)
Academic Institution Position/Title: Clinical Associate Professor
Academic Affiliation Faculty: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Hospital/Health Centre Affiliation Position: Perinatologist
Degree(s): PhD
Research areas of interest:
Research Themes:
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