Katelynn Boerner

Katelynn Boerner

BSc (Hons), PhD
Medicine, Pediatrics
PHSA/BC Children's Hospital
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute


Dr. Katelynn Boerner is a clinician-scientist based at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. She is recognized as a leading expert on sex and gender influences on pediatric pain experiences, taking an intersectional-developmental perspective. Her research is broadly aimed at addressing issues related to health equity in pediatric pain research and care. Specifically, she has an interest in advancing care and understanding of the pain experiences of gender-diverse and neurodiverse youth. She is also passionate about increasing the accessibility of health research by engaging in co-creation of research methods, and focusing on community-centered data collection. Dr. Boerner actively practices as a registered psychologist with a specific interest in pediatric chronic pain management and medical psychology.

Research areas of interest:

Chronic pain; Gender diversity; Neurodiversity; Health and Clinical Psychology; Child & Adolescent Development; Sex and Gender

Research Themes:

Reproductive Infectious Diseases Chronic Disease

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