Digital Health Support at WHRI

We are here to support your digital health research project.

The WHRI can help by:

  • Providing advice on digital health research and evaluation methodology.
  • Supporting user testing of digital technologies.
  • Seeking to understand your digital health needs and connect you with vendors, innovators, and other digital health experts.
  • Connecting research teams with WHRI’s knowledge translation and communications resources and providing access to WHRI’s digital audiences for participant recruitment and research promotion.
  • Recommending trusted vendors and helping to manage vendor relationships.
  • Providing guidance for members interested in implementing research projects at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre.
  • Being a link to privacy and research ethics, guiding members to the appropriate resources and departments.

If you are a WHRI researcher and are currently working on or thinking about starting a project focused on improving health using a digital tool, connect with Beth Payne, Digital Health Research Program Manager.