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Dear WHRI community,

As the COVID-19 pandemic has pervaded much of our daily lives and conversations, and as we are adjusting to a new normal of social distancing and working remotely, communication is critically important and the WHRI is being called upon even more as a virtual organization.

In the absence of in-person contact, we have created this page to house, up-to-date researcher resources related to COVID-19. This includes timely announcements, links to academic and health authority partners, funding agency updates, and archives of our weekly WHRI staff + member updates.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to #FlattenTheCurve.


Lori Brotto
Executive Director, Women’s Health Research Institute

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Phase I of research resumption at the C&W campus is in progress. Requests for research resumption can be done using the 

Oak Street Campus Research Institutes Return to Onsite Research Intake Form


  • Approval is given for a limited range of activities that cannot be done remotely and are essential to your research program.
  • Principal Investigators who previously received research exemptions will need to complete this intake form to update/confirm continual access needs and requirements.
  • If the nature of research activities is similar or related, it can be submitted in one form. If the nature of the work is distinct (research activity or area), you can submit multiple forms.

Note this approval does NOT denote hospital approval for resumption. Your next step is to reach out to the appropriate operational or clinical lead to devise a plan to resume clinical research and ensure that your activities are incorporated into the clinical program’s plans to restore services.

If you are unsure who to contact:

A requirement for any team members returning to the C&W site is the completion of one of the following COVID-19 safety training modules:

The C&W Return to onsite research working group will be meeting soon to examine the process for Stage 2 research resumption.

The UBC Children’s & Women’s REB related COVID documents are now on the website:

The first drop down menu on our homepage contains the initial REB bulletin, guidance for electronic consenting, zoom guidance from UBC and, a document that will hopefully guide everyone during the curtailment period.  

If you have feedback on these resources or would like to have anything added, please contact Jennie Prasad, Manager, UBC/C&W Research Ethics Board, at

REMINDER: Rapid Ethical Review Process for COVID-19 Clinical Research

All COVID-19 related studies are being reviewed by the Research Ethics Board within 5 business days and this review will provide approval on behalf of all affected Health Authorities and, where relevant, BC Children’s and Women’s Hospitals.

More information on the rapid ethical review process can be found here.

Research Ethics BC, together with the respective Health Authorities and their clinical Research Ethics Boards (REBs), has launched a new rapid ethical review process for provincial clinical research pertaining to COVID-19. Under this new process, only one REB review will be required for the approval of a provincial clinical study pertaining to COVID-19 and the review will be conducted within five business days from submission. 

What does this mean for researchers?

If your research proposal is for a clinical COVID-19 related stat is intended to take place across some or all Health Authorities, the REB will review the study within five days and provide ethics approval on behalf of all affected Health Authorities and, where relevant, BC Children’s and Women’s Hospitals.

If your proposal iy not  initially intended to take place at multiple provincial sites, a review by one REB will still occur within five days. Other locations may be added later if the study becomes feasible at additional sites.

More information on the rapid ethical review process can be found here.

The BC Children’s Hospital BioBank plans to start collecting leftover and prospective samples from patients and staff tested at the PHSA COVID-19 Outpatient Clinic in the near future. If you or someone you know in the research community are interested in using these samples or collaborating with the BioBank, please contact the BCCH BioBank ​at

Rounds + Resources

Last week the UBC Faculty of Medicine hosted the first Virtual BC COVID-19 Research Symposium.  The symposium was video-recorded and you can view it at the following link:

Virtual grand rounds are taking place on a regular basis and they are a great opportunity to learn more about the emerging evidence and understandings around COVID-19 as they relate to specific patient populations. 

More Info:

UBC Continuing Professional Development has created a COVID-19 Resource Hub:

The following guidance is offered by UBC’s Clinical REB; The Children’s & Women’s REB and the Providence Health Care REB to researchers who are continuing, resuming, or starting research involving human participant interaction in accordance with their respective institutional directives.

The document can be found here.