BC Women’s Hospital Research Rounds

BC Women’s Hospital Research Rounds are going virtual! Join us the third Friday of each month from 8:00am – 9:00am to hear about the latest in women’s heatlh research.

A qualitative inquiry on pregnant and postpartum women’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Presenter: Dr. Hamideh Bayrampour

Goals/Learning Objectives

  1. To learn about pregnant and postpartum women’s experiences and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. To identify ways in which healthcare providers can support pregnant and postpartum population during the pandemic
  3. To discuss the implications of these findings for practice

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New mothers’ thoughts of infant-related harm: Relation to OCD and infant safety

Presenter: Dr. Nichole Fairbrother

Goals/Learning Objectives

  1. The nature and prevalence of new other’s thoughts of infant-related harm
  2. The nature and prevalance of postpartum-presenting OCD
  3. The relation of new mothers’ thoughts of infant-related harm and OCD with infant safety

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Mindfulness: Practice and results of a clinical trial  in women’s health

Presenter: Dr. Lori Brotto

Goals/Learning Objectives 

  1. Learn about a clinical trial evaluating mindfulness versus cognitive behaviour therapy for provoked vestibulodynia 
  2. Learn about a social media knowledge translation campaign designed to disseminate the research to women
  3. Be exposed to some of the mindfulness skills participants in the trial practiced
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