Results of the MSFHR 2019 Scholar Competition

Congratulations to Drs. Sarah Munro, Aline Talhouk, Michael Anglesio, and Crystal Karakochuk, whose projects have been selected for funding by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MFHR) Scholar Program!

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The MSFHR Scholar Program allows early-career researchers to establish an independent research career, build a leading research program, and expand their potential to make significant contributions to their field.

Sarah Munro     

Implementation of Shared Decision Making to Improve Person- and Family-Centred Care

Co-funded with CHÉOS - Providence Health Care Research Institute

Aline Talhouk    

Precision medicine to drive prevention and management strategies for women with endometrial cancer

Michael Anglesio              

Rethink Endometriosis: Genomics and Microenvironment Influence on Biology and Malignant Potential

Crystal Karakochuk         

Advancing nutritional hematology to reduce the burden of anemia and inform nutrition policy