RAPID: Research Agenda for Perinatal Innovation & Digital health


This project aims to bring together multiple partners including patients, researchers, government, and health care decision-makers to co-develop a research agenda for digital innovation in perinatal health.

With funding from a Michael Smith Health Research BC convening and collaborating grant, we:

(1) conducted a review of the literature to identify barriers and facilitators to use of technology in perinatal health care

(2) organized and implemented engagement activities with patients, care providers and decision makers in the health care system, to collaborate on research priorities and identify digital health needs related to perinatal care; and

(3) created a downloadable toolkit for patient engagement in co-design of research questions; and

(4) developed a research agenda organized into 3 evidence-based priority themes and twelve specific research questions.

The agenda we developed in 2023 provides a framework of priority topics and questions co-developed by project partners, including patients. The agenda will allow us to focus our research efforts to better meet the needs of perinatal healthcare patients in BC. The agenda will be shared with key partners through presentations and social media.

What to know more about this agenda and hear from our patient voices? Learn more here: https://whri.org/rapid/