Register our “In the Heart of Innovation: Explore AI, Data Privacy & Policy in Healthcare” Seminar on May 16!

Are you interested in gaining insights into AI, Data Privacy and Policy in our healthcare system? Join us on Thursday, May 16th, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for an illuminating rapid fire online discussion about – “In the Heart of Innovation: Exploring AI, Data Privacy and Policy in Healthcare.

Discover the latest in machine learning and data privacy, identify best practices, and be inspired to innovate. Don’t miss out – register now!  The aim of this 1 hr virtual seminar is to allow participants to discover how AI and policy can be used to better our current health services.

Learning Objective:

  1. Understanding the role of machine learning in data privacy within healthcare: Help attendees grasp the underlying principles and technologies behind AI applications in health. Examine the challenges and considerations associated with maintaining data privacy in machine learning models.
  1. Identify best practices and encourage further research: Showcase successful research studies and PHSA policies that have implemented data security and privacy practices. Stimulate interest among seminar attendees to pursue research opportunities related to AI in healthcare and to potentially highlight areas where additional research is needed.
  1. Inspire innovation: Motivate attendees to think creatively and explore new avenues for data applications in healthcare. 

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