The Impact of Prenatal Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy on Maternal-Infant Bonding – (Pre-MIB) Study

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Principal Investigator: Catriona Hippman

Primary Contact: Nicole Prestley, Research Manager, 604-875-2424 ext 4956,

About the study: The purpose of this study is to assess how the option to have prenatal genetic screening for chromosome abnormalities can impact maternal-infant bonding during pregnancy. Chromosome abnormalities take place when an abnormal number of chromosomes are within a cell, which is known to be the cause of certain birth defects. Maternal-infant bonding (MIB) is the term used to describe the affectionate relationship that develops between a mother and her fetus/infant. The study involves participants completing a questionnaire and interview, with a total time commitment of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Why is this research important? A strong MIB has been known to promote healthy lifestyle choices during pregnancy and positive longer-term consequences for later maternal-child interactions. MIB can be threatened by prenatal stress, and prenatal stress can be experienced during the prenatal genetic screening process.  It is hoped that the results from this study can improve maternal-infant bonding and women’s experiences of prenatal genetic screening.

Study status: Recruiting

Who can participate: Women over the age of 19, fluent in English, between 26-34 gestation who have chosen to have prenatal genetic screening.

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Preliminary results have been presented as an abstract at the 2015 conferences of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors. The abstract has been published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling: Hippman, C., Austin, J.C. Does a negative prenatal genetic screen result impact maternal-fetal bonding?  Journal of Genetic Counseling. 2015. 24(6). p1086.

Co-Investigator: Jehannine Austin

Funded by: National Society of Genetic Counselors, Prenatal Special Interest Group Grant Award

Consent Form: Pre-MIB Participant Consent Form