Plain + Inclusive Language

Plain + Inclusive Language

At the WHRI, we strive to be equitable and inclusive in how we collaborate, in what we prioritize, and in all that we do. In line with these values, we strive to ensure that our communication – and the communications activities we support – use language that is accessible, inclusive, and accurate. 

TransCare BC Gender Inclusive Language

This resource breaks down gender inclusive language and how to use it in a respectful and professional way.

Options for Sexual Health – Pronouns & Gender

What is gender? What are pronouns? And what can you do to be supportive and respectful of gender in everyday conversations?

Sum of Us Progressive Style Guide

This guide covers language in issue areas from age and disability to race, gender, indigeneity, health, and geopolitics. It is a valuable and up-to-date resource that provides language and words that are used by advocates and communities as well as why this language matters.

Sex & Gender Checklist

This is a checklist for integrating sex and gender considerations in health research from the proposal and design stage, to reporting and communication, to the makeup of the research team. The page also includes links to other checklists and resources on this subject.

RHO – Designing Services and Questionnaires

A comprehensive guide to using LGBTQ2+ inclusive language when designing surveys and questionnaires.

RHO – Qualitative Interviewing LGBTQ2+ Communities

A guide to using LGBTQ2+ inclusive language in qualitative research, including creating an interview guide, focus groups, and analysing and interpreting the qualitative data.

Collecting Transgender Inclusive Information

Collecting information from people (i.e. survey, questionnaire, demographic data, etc.) is generally one of the first interactions a person has with research. This resource created by the Canadian AIDS Society is a tool that will help modify forms so people who identify as Trans are included, and the information collected about gender is correct and more useful. In this resource, is a variety of trans-inclusive form questions from questions regarding gender/sex, name, title, sexual orientation, pronouns, and sexual behaviours.

BC Support Unit – Plain Language Guide

This interactive practical guide to plain language walks you through the process in plain language, providing tools, resources, and best practices to shape more clear, concise and accessible writing.

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