P2RISM- Digging deeper into post-partum and neonatal lab tests


Healthcare relies heavily on the lab and reference intervals (RIs) to guide test interpretation and patient management, but did you ever wonder how we know what is normal or abnormal? RIs should represent the intended population and method of testing. However, current RIs for pregnant women and neonates are poorly characterized owing to their quickly changing physiology and difficulty in obtaining blood samples from babies.

This study aims to recruit healthy pregnant women and newborns to donate blood samples (collected at the same time as routine newborn metabolic screening),1day post-partum, in order to create RIs that lab physicians and clinicians can be confident in. We will also be collecting participant feedback on their overall experience with the study in order to refine and shape future endeavours involving blood collections in healthy populations.

More information can be found at: www.bcchr.ca/prism