MSFHR announces recipients of the Convening & Collaborating and Reach competitions

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research has announced the results of its two knowledge translation competitions.

We were excited to see a number of WHRI members among the recipients of both the Convening & Collaborating and Reach Awards:

Convening & Collaborating Awards

Dr. Kristin Campbell

Building A Collaborative Research Agenda For Virtual Exercise And Nutrition Supportive Cancer Care in BC

Dr. Julie Robillard*

Patient-Centered Development Of A Research Program On Social Robotics For Pediatric Anxiety


Reach Awards

Dr. Angela Kaida

“HIV Made Me Fabulous:” Utilizing Film For Knowledge Dissemination And Stigma Reduction

Dr. Thalia Shoshana Field

CoBrA Community Brain Art Initiative: Co-Created Brain Health Promotion With The Downtown Eastside Community 

Dr. Liisa Galea

Women’s Health Knowledge Translation Initiative & Science Communication Training Program

Dr. Roxana Geoffrion

#BePelvicHealthAware: Sharing Clinical Best Practices On Pelvic Floor Health Through Whiteboard Animations, Social Media And A Dedicated Website

Dr. Paul Yong

Sex, Pain & Endometriosis: Promoting Awareness Of A New Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Website

Dr. Gillian Hanley

What Gynecologic Cancer Patients Want To Know About Gynecologic Cancer Research: Disseminating Timely Research Evidence Through Recorded Conversations Between Patients And Research Experts

Congratulations, everyone!