WHRI Members Present at The House of Commons

In 2023 the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health initiated a specific study on Women’s Health. We are thrilled that several WHRI members have shared women’s health research findings, as part of this study. These presentations are true knowledge mobilization in action. 

The table below contains a list of the presentation records by WHRI members to date. Topics include gynecologic cancer, endometriosis, and postpartum mental health. 

Please bookmark this link for future presentations from the House of Commons featuring WHRI members.

Date WHRI Members Link to Video Recording
May 2nd 2024
Dr. Deborah Money
April 11th 2024
Dr. Nichole Fairbrother; Dr. Liisa Galea
April 8th 2024
Dr. Catriona Hippman
February 12th 2024
Dr. Gillian Hanley; Dr. Jessica McAlpine
November 29th 2023
Dr. Catherine Allaire, Kate Wahl

Thank you to these researchers for raising the profile of these women’s health topics!