UBC announces funding for Research Excellence Clusters in 2021/22


This week the University of British Columbia announced thirty-five Research Excellence Clusters funded for the 2021/22 academic year. 

The clusters “are inter-departmental networks of researchers at UBC who collectively represent leaders in a particular field of study.”

WHRI members Dr. Patti Jansen, Dr. Liisa Galea, and Dr. Gavin Stuart are leads on three of the successful clusters. Keep reading to learn more about their work, or click here  for the full funding announcement.

Advancing the Science of Physiologic Birth

Our vision is to develop an interdisciplinary research agenda among clinical, social and epidemiologic scientists that will catalyze research, research training, practice and policy aimed at promoting physiologic birth. The long-term goal of our network will be to develop a Canadian Institute of Normal Birth Research.

Cluster Lead: Patti Janssen

Women’s Health Research Cluster

The Women’s Health Research Cluster is a network of women’s health researchers and stakeholders that are interested in how sex and gender play a role in health outcomes. We work towards creating a future where women can live equitably healthy lives by promoting, expanding, and catalyzing impactful research on women’s health

Cluster Lead: Liisa Galea

Gynecologic Cancer Initiative

The Gynecologic Cancer Initiative (GCI) will accelerate transformative research and translational practice on prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship of reproductive cancers. This will be done in collaboration with women throughout BC and through synergistic partnering of research institutions, scientists and clinicians to reduce the incidence and mortality of these cancers by 50 per cent in the next 15 years.

Cluster Lead: Gavin Stuart