Joelle LeMoult

Academic Institution Affiliation: University of British Columbia (UBC)
Academic Institution Position/Title: Assistant Professor
Academic Affiliation Faculty: Department of Psychology
Hospital/Health Centre Affiliation Position:
Degree(s): PhD

Research areas of interest:
Depression and psychobiological responses to stress
Research Themes:


Dr. Joelle LeMoult is an Assistant Professor in the clinical area. Dr. LeMoult comes to UBC from Stanford University, where she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami in 2012.

In addition to planting new roots with her young family in Vancouver, she will continue to explore the behavioural responses to stress that hinder cognitive, emotional, and biological wellbeing.

Through her research she works to further our understanding of the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of depression. Using an integrated approach, she examines the cognitive, emotional, and biological responses to stress that contribute to depressive symptoms.