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Beyond the binary: An interview with Dr. Lori Brotto

Why diversify women’s health research?
In November 2019, the WHRI released its new Strategic Plan. The new plan prioritizes equity and inclusivity, and shares our commitment to respect, work alongside, collaborate with, and support the health of women across the LGBTQIA2S+ spectrum. The plan also announced our new core values, among which are equity, diversity, and inclusivity.


Member Spotlight: Dr. Mark Carey

Every year in Canada, over 8,000 women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer – and about 40-50% of these cancers are considered rare and often life-threatening. Dr. Mark Carey, recipient of a 2019 Women’s Health Research Institute Catalyst Grant, is working to find better treatments for a rare type of ovarian cancer called low-grade serous carcinoma (LGSC).


Updates from the SUPPORT study

Where can women turn when they’re experiencing postpartum depression (PPD)?
Madison Lackie, a Research Coordinator at WHRI, is part of a team working on creating a web-enabled intervention option for PPD which would allow women to access psychoeducation and support from the comfort of their own home.