Dr. Gillian Hanley and Dr. Aline Talhouk named as recipients of September 2021 Action Grants


The Canadian Cancer Society/Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2021 Action Grants Competition was held with the intention “to motivate Canadians to take ‘action’ to avoid known modifiable risk factors for cancer and to encourage the research and end-user communities to take ‘action’ towards harnessing new ideas, platforms and technologies from within and outside the cancer field to test out bold, novel interventions with the potential to prevent cancer.” 

Dr. Gillian Hanley*

Preventing ovarian cancer through the expansion of opportunistic salpingectomy: Uptake, safety and cost-effectiveness at the time of colorectal surgery

Dr. Aline Talhouk

RESToRE – Risk Evaluation and Screening to Tailor prevention and Reduce the incidence of Endometrial cancer

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*BCCHR/WHRI member