Does a Women’s Heart Center Change Clinical Outcomes?

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Does a Women’s Heart Center Change Clinical Outcomes?

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tara Sedlak

Primary Contact: Emma Branch, Research Assistant, WHRI, 604-875-2424 ext 4796,

About the study: This study has two aims: firstly, to create a database of patients attending the VGH/BCWH Women’s Heart Center (WHC) to facilitate the ability of future investigators to conduct research on a number of different of issues surrounding women and heart disease. The second aim is to examine whether attendance at a WHC improves outcomes of patients with heart disease or at risk for heart disease. We will collect clinical information and some basic demographic information and store this in a de-identified database. We will also ask participants to complete a total of 4 questionnaires over a 5 year period.

Why is this research important? It is not yet known whether specialized care centers like the Women’s Heart Center improves outcomes in women compared to usual care. Through this study we hope to better understand how gender specific care can impact the outcome for woman with a range of different cardiac conditions.

Study status: Ethics approval in progress.

Who can participate? Any woman who is being seen within the Women’s Heart Center at Vancouver General Hospital and/or BC Women’s Hospital will be invited to participate in this study who is fluent in English.

Co-Investigators: Natasha Prodan-Bhalla, Dr. Karin H. Humphries.