Congratulations to the Spring 2021 CIHR Grant Recipients!

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Congratulations to the WHRI members who led and co-led the successful Spring CIHR Project, Priority Announcement, and Operating grants.  

Indispensable Amino Acid Requirements in Pregnancy and Lactation
Principal Investigator: Rajavel Elango*
Amount: $726,750 (5 yrs)

Making an impact on rural health: Scaling-out and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of an evidence-based diabetes prevention program across Interior British Columbia
Principal Investigator: Mary E Jung*
Amount $585,224 (4 yrs)

Defining the Impact of Socio-Structural Determinants of Health on Immune Activation and Inflammation in Adolescents and Youth Adults in a Vulnerable Environment
Principal Investigator: Angela K Kaida*; Mark A Brockman
Amount $734,400 (4 yrs)

Rise & Shine: Promoting Sleep Quality in Chronic Stroke with Exercise
Principal Investigator: Teresa Y Liu-Ambrose*
Amount $573,751 (5 yrs 6 mth)

Improving access to family planning services for Indigenous peoples through storytelling
Principal Investigator: Sarah B Munro*; Danette S Jubinville; Miranda D Kelly; Unjali Malhotra
Amount $715,275 (4 yrs)

Associations between prenatal maternal psychological distress, brain growth, and behaviour in young children
Principal Investigator: Catherine A Lebel; Emma Duerden; Timothy F Oberlander*
Amount $1,296,676 (5 yrs)

Colonic Goblet Cells and Mucus: Defining Their Roles in Host Defense and Mucosal Protection
Principal Investigator: Bruce A. Vallance*
Amount: $918,000 (5 yrs)

Co-designing a mobile application with immigrant adolescents for better sexual and reproductive health.
Principal Investigator: Salima M Meherali, Chabot, Frederique Chabot, Sarah B Munro*
Amount: $105,000 (3 yrs)

*denotes WHRI Member

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