Congratulations to the recipients of the Fall 2019 CIHR Project Grants Competiton


*  WHRI members
** BCHRI/WHRI joint-members


A population-level linked data study of the long-term developmental impacts of prenatal antidepressant exposure

Principal Investigator: Hanley Gillian E**; Oberlander, Timothy F**

Amounts: $359,552 (4 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Neuropsychiatric complications of co-morbid illness in people living in homelessness or precarious housing

Principal Investigator: Honer William G*, Gicas, Kristina M, Panenka, William J

Amounts: $1,235,475 (5 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Sex Matters: Understanding Sex Differences in Exercise Efficacy on Brain Health in Mild Cognitive Impairment

Principal Investigator: Liu-Ambrose Teresa*, Galea, Liisa A*

Amounts: $661,724 (4 yrs 6 mths)

Project details


Mechanisms that impact the cell division axis and phenotype for BRCA1-mutant mammary epithelial cells.

Principal Investigator: Maxwell Christopher A*

Amounts: $837,675 (5 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


The CART Mife-Outcomes study: Relating Canada’s unique mifepristone regulations to health system events, costs and access to abortion, using linked health administrative data.

Principal Investigator: Norman Wendy V*, Henry, Bonnie J, Mcgrail, Kimberlyn M

Amounts: $524,024 (4 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


A phase III randomized controlled trial and economic evaluation of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) for Comprehensive treatment of OligoMETastatic (1-3 metastases) cancer: SABR-COMET-3

Principal Investigator: Olson Robert A, Allan, Alison L, Palma, David, Peacock, Stuart J*, Tyldesley, Scott K

Amounts: $699,380 (6 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Genetics and epigenetics of sex differences in placental and fetal development

Principal Investigator: Robinson Wendy P**

Amounts: $604,350 (5 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Towards Equitable Sexual Health Care in BC: Centring the Voices of Cis and Trans Feminine Youth and Young Women in Policy and Practice

Principal Investigator: Shannon Kate*, Loppie, Charlotte J

Amounts: $960,075 (5 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Pre-operative Risk Stratification in Endometrial Cancer to Inform Surgical Management

Principal Investigator: Talhouk Aline*, Mcalpine, Jessica N*

Amounts: $263,925 (3 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Unplanned Hospital Readmission Following Critical Illness Survival: An Investigation of the Survivor-Family Dyad

Principal Investigator: Howard, Amanda F*; Haljan, Gregory

Amounts: $348,076 (4 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Healthy brain growth in preterm children for optimal function: do males and females differ?

Principal Investigator: Miller, Steven P; Grunau, Ruth E**

Amounts: $910,352 (4 yrs 0 mth)

Project details


Perinatal Anxiety Disorder Screening Study

Principal Investigator: Fairbrother Nichole*

Amounts: $100,000

Project details