Sue Harris Grant

Award amount: $2,500 to $5,000
Application Deadline: August 23, 2019 and February 28, 2020


Sue Harris The Sue Harris Family Practice Research Grant supports research that contributes to women’s (cis and trans-inclusive) health within the discipline of family practice. The funding is intended to support new researchers (family practice residents and/or practitioners) to develop and carry out a pilot research project.


The fund honours the life and values of Dr. Sue Harris, a highly regarded family doctor and former Head of the Department of Family Practice at BC Women’s Hospital.

Criteria for the grant reflect her values which include:

  • A commitment to full-spectrum family practice primary care
  • A woman-centred focus
  • Collaborative care
  • Holistic approach
  • Respect for innovation, and
  • Commitment to supporting improvements in practice


The principal investigator must be a:

  • Family physician licensed and residing in BC and who is in good standing with the CFPC/BCCFP
  • Family medicine resident registered at and in good standing with the University of British Columbia (UBC) Family Medicine Residency Program and also in good standing with the CFPC/BCCFP.

Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged as long as they are led by a Family Physician.

The principal investigator is only eligible to win a Sue Harris Grant Award one time. Principal Investigators who have previously won a Sue Harris Grant Award are strongly encouraged to submit applications to future competitions as a co-investigator in the role of mentor.

Proposed research projects must be directly related to women’s (cis and trans-inclusive) health.


The value of each Sue Harris Family Practice Research grant will be up to $2,500 for a resident project, and up to $5,000 for a family practitioner project. The number and value of awards granted each year will be determined by the funds available.

Please note: Applicants are welcome to submit more than one application at the LOI stage, but Principal Investigators will only be invited to submit one Full Application each cycle.

Application Process:

Please see the Additional Files below for the Application Information.


E-mail a copy of the application in MS Word or PDF to:
Dr. Kathryn Dewar
Senior Research Manager
Women’s Health Research Institute
Phone: 604-875-2424 ext. 4909

Please also contact Kathryn Dewar with any questions about the Grant.

Additional Files:

Application Information (2019) (Call for SHRF Applications 2019)

Make a donation to the Sue Harris Family Practice Research Fund.

Previous Winners:


Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer
Reproductive Health Status of refugee women: characterizing contraceptive use and pregnancy in resettled refugee women in British Columbia
Dr. Gabriela Glattstein-Young, Dr. Lee-Anna Huisman and Dr. John Pawlovich
Active Living in Takla: Indigenous women’s experience of a community-driven exercise program


Dr Edward Schaffer, Dr Shaun Van Pel, Dr Danica Whalley, Dr Joel Stimson
Can the GAD7 be used as a screening tool to predict adverse obstetrical outcomes in low risk women with anxiety?
Dr. Daniel Heffner, Dr. Ron Abrahams, and Ms. Nardia Strydom
A comparative analysis of maternal and newborn outcomes between women who receive care at St Paul’s Hospital & Fir Square among substance-using pregnant women and their newborns


Dr. Sarah Yager
Factors affecting choices of primary care obstetrics providers in Nanaimo, BC
Dr. John Pawlovich, Dr. Bria Sharkey, Dr. Erin Knight, Mr. Travis Holyk and Dr. Ron Abrahams
The impact of routine bedside ultrasound on maternal-­fetal bonding and engagement in care for Aboriginal women in remote communities


Dr. Kali Gartner
Empowering Mothers: A Participatory Action Research Study with Sheway Women in Vancouver


Dr. Stephanie VandenBerg
Chronic Pain: An exploration of female sex trade worker experiences around access to supports, management, and barriers to care
Dr. Samantha Reineking, Ms. Laura Willinghanz, Ms. Karen Pike, Dr. Flora Teng, Ms. Amy Braunstein, Dr. Fiona Scanlan, and Ms. Mariana Veiga
An interprofessional student program to support marginalized women during birth: A seven year follow-up
Dr. Wendy Norman, Dr. Judith Soon, Ms. Vivian Leung and Dr. Sheila Dunn
Contraception in Canada: Patterns of use from the 2009‐2010 and 2010 Canadian Community Health


Dr. Ron Abrahams and Dr. Zoe Hodgson
Effects of ultrasound viewing frequency on maternal-fetal bonding and compliance
Dr. Andrea Szewchuk and Dr. Betty Callam
Community for the pap: predictors and needs of never and under-screened queer women
Dr. Elena Paraskevopoulos
Health Care Barriers of Women Seeking Refuge in Transitional Shelters
Dr. Renee Hall, Dr. Renee Fernandez, Leslie Clough, Dr. Karen Buhler
Does group prenatal care improve satisfaction and self efficacy for women?


Dr. Caroline Turner and Dr. Jessica Chiles
Contraception satisfaction and effectiveness after abortion: a prospective cohort analysis
Dr. Meghan Guy
Development and validation of a survey to assess the health care needs of women in rural BC