Message to members from Dr. Lori Brotto: A history of the WHRI

The original mission of the WHRI, “to generate new knowledge and evidence-based solutions that inform and transform the health and heathcare of all women” continues to drive our collective work today at our 10 year anniversary.


Welcome Dr. Angeli Rawat to the WHRI

We are excited to welcome Angeli as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with WHRI. For almost 15 years, Angeli has been working to strengthen health systems in low and middle income countries. She has worked in the areas of cancer care and control, HIV and maternal and child health from Sub-Saharan Africa, South and South East Asia to Latin America.


Dr. Wendy Norman Advocates for Better Access to Abortion Pill in BC

WHRI member, Dr. Wendy Norman, advocates for Health Canada to lift heavy regulations placed on a new abortion pill that will soon be available to Canadian women.

Dr. Dorothy Shaw, the Lancet Maternal Health Series

Dr. Dorothy Shaw, has published an article in the Lancet regarding drivers of maternity care in high-income countries. In the paper, Dr. Shaw and her colleagues present the main care delivery models in high-income countries, with case studies from the USA and Sweden, and examine the main driver of these models.


Please Complete Our Membership Survey

We recently updated our website and as part of this update, have created an interactive membership database!  We want to profile you and your research.  As part of our effort to do this, we need 2 minutes of your time to complete this form: http://surveys.phsa.ca/s/WHRImembers/.  The information you provide will help researchers search for you!