WHRI June eBlast

WHRI Members Receive CIHR Grants!


On Monday May 15th, results from the CIHR 2017 Foundation and Project competition were released, revealing multiple WHRI members who were awarded funding to further explore crucial women’s health areas of research. WHRI members received more than $1.8 million in new grants and awards!

For more information regarding the research conducted by Dr. Deborah Money, Dr. Hamideh Bayrampour, Dr. K.S. Joseph, and Dr. Melanie C Murray, please click here.


Dr. Paul Yong and Colleagues Lead Ground-Breaking Research on Endometriosis


WHRI member, Dr. Paul Yong, and colleagues recently discovered gene mutations in the pelvic lesions of women with endometriosis which are similar to those found in cancerous tissue.This research conducted on endometriosis, a complex disorder affecting 10% of females during their reproductive years, has the potential to change the way doctors and researchers approach treatment as it raises the possibility of using some experimental cancer drugs as treatment.

The findings of this study were published in both the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as the Vancouver Sun.


Successful Engagement: 13th World Congress on Endometriosis


The World Congress on Endometriosis, hosted this year by the BC Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis, took place at the Vancouver Convention Center.  Led by our very own Dr. Catherine Allaire, this year’s congress included over 120 presentations and 1100 delegates from 58 different countries around the world. Topics included the latest developments in basic science, clinical research, patient-oriented research, surgery, medical treatment and complementary therapies with a focus on improving the quality of life for women living with endometriosis.


Want More Funding for Research in Women’s Health? Support the Report!

naylor report 

On April 10, 2017, the Fundamental Science Review, written by nine experts in science and technology, was released to the public. The mandate included a review of all disciplines, basic and applied, which involved federal support and peer-review and a review of programs tailored to knowledge generation rather than industry or commercialization. The significance of this report for the future of science and importance of scientific funding within Canada cannot be overstated-- this is the singular most important report to be completed in our scientific careers.

At a meeting in Toronto on Canada’s Fundamental Science Review (attended by Gina Ogilvie and Liisa Galea from WHRI), several roundtables were set up to discuss the recommendations and the best pathways to support the recommendations. David Naylor, who was chair of the Advisory Panel, fervently stressed that these 35 recommendations be implemented in full and that researchers and scientists speak with a united voice in our support of the report.  It is, by nature, our desire to see more funding come to our own research areas but it is essential that the funding levels increase across all disciplines. While women’s health is not mentioned specifically in the report, the report frequently refers to the underrepresentation of women, minorities and Indigenous populations as awardees of CERCS, CRCs and in operating grant awards across tri-council. The WHRI recommends that we support the report in its entirety and some suggestions on how to do so are given below. 


WHRI Team Visits Fraser Health Authority!

  fraser health 1

On May 10, myself, Kathryn Dewar, Gina Ogilvie, and Paul Yong had the pleasure of visiting the Fraser Health Authority and engaging in dialogue with clinician researchers. We introduced attendees to the Women’s Health Research Institute, and shared information about our strategic aims, resources, and current activities, both at BC Women’s Hospital, and across the province. As the largest health authority in BC, Fraser Health has an existing infrastructure that is to be marvelled. Moreover, with a large South Asian population in Surrey and surrounding municipalities, Fraser Health is optimally positioned to lead unique women’s health research questions with and for South Asian women. In addition, one of the BC Support Units is situated within Fraser Health, and provides infrastructure and support for patient/public-oriented research. We were inspired by the possibility of collaboration, and expanding women’s health research in a more concerted manner through future partnerships between the WHRI and Fraser Health.

Dr. Lori A. Brotto
Executive Director, WHRI


WHRI Staff spotlight: Dr. Arianne Albert, Biostatistician

Arianne Albert 

Arianne has over 15 years of experience in research and data analysis with a PhD in Evolutionary Genetics from UBC. She has experience teaching Biostatistics, and as a post-doctoral researcher and statistical consultant for industry. Her research includes papers published in Science, Current Biology, and Microbiome. Her diverse background and research achievements have given her experience in a broad range of statistical techniques from study design and power analysis, to complex regression modeling, analysis of genetic sequencing data, and simulations. For the past 6 years she has been instrumental in supporting our members with all stages of research analysis, and excels at finding the right analytic tools to fit the challenge at hand.

For assistance from our biostatistician, please complete the “Request for WHRI Biostatistician Services” form and send it to Dr. Kathryn Dewar at kdewar@cw.bc.ca.


Save-the-Date: Research Rounds

Come join us on Friday June 16th to hear from Dr. Sandesh Shivananda on "Key driver diagram, KASH model and Sustainability in successful Quality Improvement Programs"


Accessible & FREE stock photos?

The WHRI has created an Unspash account for our WHRI members! This will allow our members free access to high-resolution stock photos!

Account: WHRI
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Communications Needs?

This is a reminder that our Communications Assistant, Rebecca Tingling, has joined us for the summer. Please contact Rebecca at rebecca.tingling@cw.bc.ca if you are interested in working with her to promote any events!


WHRI Member, Dr. Ron Abrahams, receives the Meritorious Service Cross!

  sarah and ron

WHRI member, Dr. Ron Abrahams, Medical Director of Perinatal Addictions, along with Sarah Payne, RN, MA, former Senior Practice Leader of Perinatal Addictions and Manager of Fir Square, will be receiving the Meritorious Service Cross this year. 

Dr. Abraham and and Sarah Payne are being recognized for their continued support for expecting mothers who are challenged by substance abuse. Together, they recognized the need for a safe and supportive environment in the BC Women’s Hospital for pregnant women struggling with substance abuse, and established the Fir Square Combined Unit which will foster best health outcomes for women and their babies.