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March 2019

UBC Okanagan & Interior Health's Women's Health Research Symposium

Pictured left to right: Dr. Paul Van Donkelaar, VP Research, UBC-Okanagan; Dr. Deanne Taylor, Corporate Director, Research, Interior Health; Dr. Lori Brotto, Executive Director, Women’s Health Research Institute

On February 27, 2019, the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI), in partnership with Interior Health and UBC-Okanagan held a symposium focused on women’s health. The event was funded by a Collaborative Research Mobility Award  from UBC awarded to Dr. Brotto. The symposium brought together over 60 faculty members, staff, community groups, and trainees from across BC’s interior region to engage in interdisciplinary learning and discussion on research focused on improving women's health. The aim of the symposium was (1) to build, support, and nurture UBC-O’s and Interior Health’s diverse community of scholars engaged in research that impacts women’s health; (2) to profile and celebrate the excellent women’s health researchers and research underway at UBC-O and Interior Health; and (3) to locate UBC-O and Interior Health in a larger provincial network of women’s health research and researchers.

The symposium was structured around 2 impactful panels, focused on Women’s Health in Vulnerable Populations, and a second on Rurality and Indigenous Women’s Health. We enjoyed an insightful keynote presentation by Dr. Rachelle Hole, and a trainee breakfast led by Dr. Mary Jung, who shared valuable information to trainees for charting a successful research career. 

Networking, conversation, and collaboration were woven throughout the symposium, and there was a real energy in the room as points of alignment were identified. New research ideas were struck, and relationships formed. Discussions revealed the real strength in women’s health research led by researchers in BC’s interior. The WHRI is excited to expand its network of membership to all researchers, stakeholders, and community persons throughout BC’s interior with an interest in women’s health research. 

Changing Childbirth in British Columbia Report

Findings from the Changing Childbirth in British Columbia study have been published on the UBC Birthplace Lab website.

This was the first study in the province to look at person centred outcomes for pregnancy and birth.

The report describes results from the online survey and preliminary findings from focus groups, about preferences for care, experiences and outcomes of care for women in BC.

For the full report, executive summary, and content to share on social media, visit the Birthplace Lab website.

International Women's Day

On March 7th WHRI held another successful public forum at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre. The event focused on empowering women to be their own best health advocates, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Speakers included Dr. Paula Gordon who spoke about breast health; Dr. Marette Lee on the importance of pap screening; Dr. Natasha Prodan-Bhalla who shared information on heart health for women; and Dr. Maryam Zeinedden who emphasized the importance of self-care and self-advocacy.

Thank you to our fabulous speakers and to all who attended! For highlights of our speakers’ talks, visit our YouTube channel.

New Innovative Initiative, the Answer Factory, Makes Lab Space and Translational Research Expertise Available to Clinical Investigators Affiliated with BCCHR and WHRI

As part of a joint initiative supported by the UBC Faculty of Medicine and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute (BCCHR), the Clinical Research Development Laboratory (popularly known as the Answer Factory), has been established to foster the next generation of clinician-scientists and to support innovative patient-centered research.

This new resource, which is part of the services offered through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) at BCCHR, aims to enable clinical faculty members and early career investigators gain access to a fully functional laboratory as well as technical support to move forward clinical and translational research they would otherwise not be able to conduct due to lack of access to the requisite resources and expertise.

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Sex and Gender Checklist

The University of Saskatchewan has published a Sex and Gender checklist as a resource for health researchers. Download a copy here.

REFERENCE (Erin Prosser-Loose, Research Equity and Diversity Specialist, College of Medicine, & Robin Thurmeier, Research Facilitator, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan.)

Congratulations to Ciana Maher on her new role as Research Program Manager, Digital Health

Ciana has a decade of experience working in research facilitation with a variety of populations, and specifically in the development and evaluation of digital health interventions for specific populations. As part of her new role as Research Program Manager, Digital Health she will be conducting an environmental scan of all the digital health programs and research happening at BC Women’s Hospital in an effort to create a women-focussed digital health strategy for the Hospital and Research Institute.

When she is not working Ciana enjoys running on the false creek seawall and FaceTiming with her family at home in Ireland.

For more information on the environmental scan, contact Ciana at

Opportunities (2)
Registration is open for the Women's Health Research Symposium 2019! The symposium will be an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing women’s health research taking place in BC and beyond. This year’s focus will be on Global Women’s health.

WHEN May 31st, 2019
            7:30am - 4:00pm

WHERE Vancouver Convention Centre East

The Women's Health Research Cluster is hosting their first Trainee Research Blitz Presentation series. The event will be a great opportunity for trainees to learn about what everybody is working on, join an engaging presentation and discussion of research with other trainees, and network with their peers.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 9th
             11:00am - 12:30pm

WHERE: Rudy North Lecture Theatre


Join the Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health for the Mental Health Matters 2019 Begin Before Birth Symposium to learn about progress in identification, treatment, and prevention of perinatal mental health problems.

WHEN: May 1, 2019
             9:00am - 6:00pm

WHERE: Robert Palmer Howard Amphitheatre,
McGill University, McIntyre Bldg

More information.
The Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot project in partnership with Perinatal Services BC that will provide streamlined and efficient access to data within the BC Perinatal Data Registry (BCPDR).

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