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July 2018
We were so excited this month to announce our new status as a UBC Faculty of Medicine Research Centre! By coming within the Faculty’s organizational structure as the Women’s Health Research Centre, WHRI will now have a voice in strategic discussions about research at UBC.

Read the full announcement here.
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Results of the HPV FOCAL study published in JAMA

Dr. Gina Ogilvie and team published the findings of the HPV FOCAL RCT in JAMA this month! The study - which looked at the reliability of HPV testing in comparison to the traditional Pap smear for detecting cervical cancer - has been picked up by many major news outlets in the past weeks, including CNN, The Globe and Mail, the CBC, and WebMD.

Read more.

Congratulations to WHRI members Drs. Ruth Grunau, Karin Humphries, Crystal Karakochuk, and Wendy Norman, recipients of the CIHR Spring 2018 Project Grants!

Read the full announcement.

As part of the #ItsNotInYourHead awareness campaign wrap-up, Melissa Nelson, Communications Assistant, and Ciana Maher, Research Coordinator, sat down with patient partner Lana Barry to discuss why involving a patient partner in KT work is important, and to explore how this collaboration between researchers and patient partners can catalyze a social media campaign.

This summer there are four students working on projects with Dr. Gina Ogilvie's team! Sandy Zhang, Catherine Sanders, and Kara Plotnikoff are SFU Master of Public Health students completing their practicums over the summer, and Christine Lukac is an epidemiologist and UBC Medical student researching the impact of the school-based HPV immunization program.

Click here to read their full profiles!
Natasha Orr 

This month Natasha Orr was accepted into the Public Scholars Initiative, a program which provides professional, academic, and financial support to a group of brilliant doctoral students who are dedicated to doing research that directly benefits and involves the community. As a Public Scholar, Natasha will create a series of educational videos on the causes of sexual pain in endometriosis for patients and their partners.

Natasha was also awarded the 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award for a Master’s Student. This award is given to a student who has demonstrated success in research aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of families.

Congratulations, Natasha!


Grants & Awards

Women's Health Research Institute Catalyst Grant
LOI deadline: July 20th

UBC Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters
NOI deadline: September 17th

UBC Faculty of Medicine Strategic Investment Fund
Deadline for proposals: October 15th

The Gairdner Foundation has put out a call for nominations for the 2019 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award.

Stream 4 of the Federal government's Strategic Innovation Fund launched this month and is seeking proposals from the health and biosciences sector.


Dr. Courtney Howard will be giving this year's C2E2 Annual Lecture

UBC SPARC presents: CIHR Workshop: Sex and Gender Considerations 
When: July 29th & 25th 

Join WHRI in celebrating World Sexual Health Day this September. Interesting in presenting? Submit your abstract!

The 2018 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is taking place September 9th! Interested in volunteering? Email Tracy Kolwich.


Postdoctoral Fellowship in the UBC Department of Ob/Gyn
Indigenous Peoples & Genomics: Starting a Conversation
Check out this new publication from the WelTel study

Congratulations to the CART study team for winning Best Poster Abstract - Gynaecology at the SOGC 2018 Conference

Dr. Moe Elgendi won the BCCHRI 2018 Outstanding Achievement by a Postdoctoral Fellow award
Do you have an event, publication, or recruitment to promote? Email whri.communications@cw.bc.ca!

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