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WHRI researchers invited to meet with parliamentarians at Health Research Caucus

On May 15, 2019 Dr. Lori Brotto and Dr. Wendy Norman from the WHRI had the opportunity, along with 11 other Canadian women in science, to attend the Parliamentary Health Research Caucus Reception on Women's Health and Health Research in Canada.

The meeting was organized by Research Canada, a national alliance dedicated to increasing investments in health research through collaborative advocacy. This was an opportunity for us, as scientists in women’s health, to meet with parliamentarians on all sides of the House and speak about how our research in women’s health relates to current legislation.

We provided specific local WHRI examples that showcased the federal contributions to our work, and we discussed how the research findings will benefit women and all Canadians. The parliamentarians conveyed a genuine appreciation for the work we and others across Canada are leading in women’s health.

Through our conversations, we shared our enthusiasm using the WHRI vision, “Leading Research: Better Health for Women and their Families” to bolster the work that we do every day in women’s health research.

KT Pathways

WHRI is excited to announce the launch of KT Pathways, a free digital assessment and learning tool for anyone that creates or uses research evidence.

Why should you care?

A lot of time and money goes into research but much of the knowledge discovered by researchers is never used. That means missed opportunities for that knowledge to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities and society. KT Pathways was developed to help people to use that knowledge.

Who is KT Pathways for?

KT Pathways is for anyone who wants to learn how to close the gap between what we know and what we do. It’s for those who:

  • Want to use evidence to inform the decisions they make in work;
  • Want to produce knowledge that is used by others; or
  • Want to make knowledge more accessible to those who can use it.
Keep reading to learn more about how you can use KT Pathways to assess you current KT skill level.

WHRI partners with Vancouver Island Health Authority and University of Victoria to run women's health symposium

On May 6, 2019, the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI), in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority and the University of Victoria held a symposium focused on women’s health. The event was funded by a Collaborative Research Mobility Award from UBC awarded to Dr. Brotto. The symposium brought together faculty members, staff, patient partners, community groups, and trainees from across Vancouver Island to hear about new research in women’s health. The day started with a trainee breakfast led by Dr. Karen Urbanoski, who shared personal experiences and insights about charting an academic career in women’s health.

Keep reading.

Made-in-Canada Athena SWAN

This month Canada launched its own version of the Athena SWAN charter. The pilot program, called Dimensions, is intended to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion at universities, colleges, and polytechnic institutes.

Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Assistant Director at WHRI, was part of the extensive consultation processed involved with the development of the new Charter, led by Minister Kirsty Duncan.

Learn more about Dimensions here, or by following the hashtag #DemensionsEDI on Twitter.

Stroke and cerebrovascular disease during pregnancy

The paper, which was also co-authored by WHRI member Dr. K.S. Joseph, is the first Canadian study reporting on the incidence and risk factors of stroke and cerebrovascular disease during pregnancy in Canada.

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Introducing the Research Participation Opportunities Form in the Maternity Ambulatory Program and Ultrasound Department at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre

A new recruitment process is launching within the Maternity Ambulatory Program (including the Ultrasound Department) at BCWH. The Research Participation Opportunities Form will be used to introduce research opportunities to patients and their families. The RPOF will list research approved (via the Institutional Approval Process) to recruit in MAP and is intended to be used by studies that are broad in eligibility criteria, do not require a pre-screen and are not limited to a specific population.

The Research Ethics Board (REB) requires that research within a clinical setting, such as MAP, be introduced to patients by someone within their circle of care; the use of the RPOF satisfies this requirement.

Please see the attached FAQ for more information.

For more information, please contact: carola.munoz@cw.bc.ca

International Midwives Day: Q&A with Zoe Hodgson

In honour of International Midwives Day, we’re shining the spotlight on WHRI member Zoe Hodgson, PhD and Registered Midwife.

Click here to learn more about Zoe and her work.

Q&A with Jessica Liauw

JL 2 
Jessica Liauw is a fellow in the Clinician Investigator Program at UBC, and an Obstetrician and Maternal Medicine specialist. Her clinical practice is focused on high-risk pregnancy, and her research interests are preterm birth, fetal growth, and clinical decision making.

She is currently working the #NavigatingTheGreyZone project, which aims to find ways to help pregnant women decide if they should take steroids to help their babies' lungs when faced with the possibility of an early delivery.

Keep reading to learn more about Jessica and her work.
Registration is open for the Women's Health Research Symposium 2019! The symposium will be an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing women’s health research taking place in BC and beyond. This year’s focus will be on Global Women’s health.

WHEN May 31st, 2019
            7:30am - 4:00pm

WHERE Vancouver Convention Centre East

Join Fraser Health Research for Research Week next month!

Research Week is held annually with a combination of different events that include interactive workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers, presentations by our very own researchers and much more over the course of a week.

The 14th annual Research Week will run from June 5- 14, 2019.

The 5th Internatioanl Neonatal & Maternal Immunization Symposium has issued a call for Late Breaker Abstracts.

The new deadline for submission is July 9th, 2019.

For more information, click here.
The Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot project in partnership with Perinatal Services BC that will provide streamlined and efficient access to data within the BC Perinatal Data Registry (BCPDR).

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