MIST (Mindfulness, Incontinence and Sexual function Treatment) Study Research Proposal for a Pilot Study

Principal Investigators: Dr. Maryse Larouche/Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff

Primary Contact: Nicole Koenig, Research Coordinator, 604-806-9829, nkoenig@providencehealth.bc.ca

About the study: This study aims to determine if there is an impact on sexual distress using mindfulness-based sex therapy (MBST) in addition to standard urogynecologic care, in women with both urinary incontinence (UI) and sexual dysfunction.

Why is this research important? Urinary Incontinence is prevalent among women and has a significant impact on physical, emotional and mental well-being, including distressing effects on sexual health. Poor sexual health has been associated with lower health related quality of life, and depressed mood. Given the impact that sexual function can have, it is of utmost importance that research in this area is expanded. Mindfulness-based therapy has been used successfully to treat women with sexual dysfunctions. Our pilot study will be the first step in determining its role in women with Urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Study status: Currently the research study is obtaining ethics approval with recruitment starting upon research ethics approval.

Who can participate: Patients (Women 19 years of age and older) who attend the Centre for Pelvic Floor at St. Paul’s Hospital and present with both urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Co-Investigators: Dr. Lori Brotto, Dr. Roxana Geoffrion

Funded by: Sexual Medicine Society of North America