Feasibility and ACceptability of a mobile Technology intervention to Support [FACTS]  post abortion care in British Columbia Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Roopan Gill

Primary Contact: Ciana Maher, Research Coordinator, 604-875-2424 ext. 4978, ciana.maher@cw.bc.ca

About the Study: In Canada, over 30% of women undergo an abortion. Geographic challenges affect access to abortion with some individuals travelling great distances for services and returning to their communities with the potential for minimal, ineffective or non-existent follow-up care.  The FACTS research team are creating myPostCare.ca, a web-based platform to support follow-up care after an abortion procedure. This platform will include features relating to post-procedural care, psychosocial support, contraception decision-making and other resources relating to  sexual health.

Why is this research important? There is evidence to suggest that more novel methods of delivering information should be considered for individuals to engage in their own self care.  The myPostCare.ca website aims to empower and enable individuals in BC to meet their life demands following an abortion.

Study Status: Recruiting – We are inviting individuals who  have had an abortion to take part in usability testing of our website, and provide us with feedback.

Who can participate:  Individuals who have undergone a therapeutic abortion procedure, and are fluent in English.

If you are eligible and would like to participate please contact Ciana Maher, Research Coordinator, 604-875-2424 ext. 4978, ciana.maher@cw.bc.ca


Co-Investigators:  Dr. Brian Fitzsimmons, Dr. Regina Renner, Dr. Wendy Norman, Dr. Gina Ogilvie

Funded by: Society of Family Planning
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