Reproductive Infectious Diseases Research

The Reproductive Infectious Disease (RID) Team is a multidisciplinary team, led by Dr Deborah Money.  The team conducts a wide spectrum of reproductive health projects including the study of vaccinations during pregnancy and extensive research on sexually transmitted infections and vaginal health.  Infectious diseases interact uniquely with the female reproductive system and require research with a women-specific lens to better understand the interplay between health, reproduction, and infection in girls and women.  Infectious disease related to reproduction can affect women throughout the course of their lives, from childhood development through to sexual maturation, child-birth, and later stage life.  Pregnant women and their offspring are particularly vulnerable to different infections, with complications varying depending on the timing of onset in relation to pregnancy and the nature of infection.   Specific topics of research include HIV and child-birth, HIV and aging, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in girls, older women and girls and women living with HIV, hepatitis B, maternal pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination, influenza in pregnancy, the vaginal microbiome, and infection during pregnancy and post-delivery.  Studies include national and international projects, clinical trials and randomized control trials, including both investigator-led and pharmaceutical industry sponsored studies.