Global Health Research

In the global context, women are central to the health, education, economic and social development of families, communities and countries. Despite this, there are huge disparities in the health of women across different regions of the world that have become an urgent global priority. The advances in women’s health that are seen in high-income countries including reduced maternal & child mortality are not enjoyed by low -income countries where more than 99% of the over half a million maternal deaths occur annually. Similarly, in low-income countries women in their reproductive years bear the burden of preventable death related to pregnancy and childbirth, HIV, and cervical cancer to name a few.

Research is critical in global women’s health to generate reliable data to guide priorities for policy-makers, as well as effective ways to address needs. Global collaborative efforts at the WHRI have been used to inform the quality and scale-up of evidence-based interventions, and have also allowed for lessons learned to be applied here in BC. The health of women globally affects us locally, with research being the foundation of setting the agenda.