Cartoon drawings of diverse women on a dark blue background with the caption #ItsNotInYourHead underneath

Dissemination Toolkit


On October 6th the Women’s Health Research Institute helped to launch the #ItsNotInYourHead campaign to raise awareness about a women’s chronic pain condition known as provoked vestibulodynia, or PVD.

The condition affects up to 10% of women, and is characterized by provoked pain with light touch to the vulvar area known as the vestibule, which is located at the entrance to the vagina. Pain can be caused by sex, the use of menstrual products, tight clothing, physical exams, and even sitting.

The campaign is centred around a video which narrates a patient’s journey of suffering in silence, to eventually receiving a diagnosis. It also shares findings from a five-year clinical trial which found that mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy were successful in reducing pain, improving sex, and quality of life in women with this condition.

This campaign is being championed by Dr Lori Brotto, who conducted the research at the University of British Columbia.