Congratulations to Dr. Deborah Money

moneyDr. Deborah Money, has recently been appointed Executive Vice Dean, UBC, Faculty of Medicine, effective April 1, 2016. In taking her new position, she will be stepping down from her roles as Executive Director of the Women’s Health Research Institute and VP, Research at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. The organizations are actively looking for a replacement for April 1, 2016.

Dr. Money will continue to work as a Reproductive Infectious Diseases (Ob/Gyn ID) physician at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre and to lead an active teaching and research program as a member of the UBC, PHSA and Women’s Health Research Institute communities.

It is with mixed emotions that we offer congratulations to our leader, who has been a champion for women’s health research for so long. Please join us in offering our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Money for her years of service to the WHRI and BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. The search for Dr. Money’s replacement is currently underway.

Congratulations to WHRI Member Dr. Wendy Norman on receiving PHSA+ award

Dr. Wendy Norman

BC Women’s physician and WHRI Investigator, receives the prestigious Darroch Award for Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research.

Dr. Wendy Norman was awarded the prestigious Darroch Award on January 19 in New York City.

The Darroch Award, sponsored by the Guttmacher Institute, recognizes an emerging leader who is a researcher in the field of sexual and reproductive health, where scientific evidence is essential to guiding the policies and programs of the future.

Dr. Norman has leveraged her expertise, collaborations and trust established as a respected abortion provider and family physician, to effect change in the area of abortion and contraception health services in Canada.

Dr. Norman began her research career in October 2008, establishing partnerships with all relevant family planning health services, health decision leaders in the Ministry of Health and more than 11 disciplines of academic researchers in British Columbia (BC’s Contraception & Abortion Research Team (BC CART).

Within two years, the BC CART collaboration directed her to build and lead Canada’s national Contraception Access Research Team-Groupe de Recherche sur l’Accessibilité à la Contraception.

As a Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) Member, Dr. Norman’s first grant was bestowed by the institute, in February 2009. In just four years she personally led research awarded over $2 million, a ​more than 80 fold return on the seed grant investment.

Dr. Norman’s Family Planning Health Services Research program at BC Women’s comprises three themes:

Health policy research: Determination and effective translation of evidence to support health policy that will provide universal subsidy of contraception throughout Canada (where contraception is currently a consumer cost).

Health professional task-sharing to provide contraception and abortion access: Working with pharmacists, midwives, nurses and their regulatory organizations to collect and translate evidence supporting scope of practice changes.

Interdisciplinary health professional education: Improvement of physician, nursing, midwifery and pharmacist family planning education both pre-licensure and continuing professional education.

Congratulations Dr. Wendy Norman.

Women’s Health Recognized through CIHR Foundation and Operating Grants

Congratulations to Women’s Health Research Institute Members for their success in the recent CIHR Competition for Foundation and Operating Grants.

Dr. Gina Ogilvie

Dr. Gina Ogilvie
Dr. Gina Ogilvie

Dr. Gina Ogilvie, Senior Advisor, Research at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre and Assistant Director of the WHRI is awarded a Foundation Grant of $2,714,493 for the Integrated Global Control of HPV Related Diseases and Cancer research program. Over 5% of cancers worldwide are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). With this funding, Dr. Ogilvie and her team will lead a program of research to eradicate HPV cancers by creating policy relevant evidence through studies in both high and low/middle income countries which will guide implementation of prevention strategies for HPV related cancers.

Dr. Ogilvie has achieved a true milestone as this competition was the first of its kind in the CIHR foundation scheme.

Dr. Paul Yong

Dr. Paul Yong
Dr. Paul Yong

Dr. Paul Yong, Research Director and Physician at the Chronic Pelvic Pain program at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre has been awarded an Operating Grant of $282,868 to research the Etiology of Dyspareunia in Endometriosis. Endometriosis is known to cause pelvic pain during intercourse, which is known as dyspareunia. In fact, half of women with endometriosis experience dyspareunia. With this funding, Dr. Yong and his team will identify causes of dyspareunia in women with endometriosis. Ultimately, understanding the causes of dyspareunia will lead to better pain relief for patients.

Dr. Kate Shannon

Dr. Kate Shannon
Dr. Kate Shannon

Dr. Kate Shannon, Director of the Gender and Sexual Health Initiative and Canadian Research Chair for Global Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS has been awarded a Foundation Grant of $2,448,322 for Structural Determinants, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Reducing Health & Social Inequities. With this funding, Dr. Shannon and her team will lead research to better understand and address gender-based gaps in sexual health and engagement in HIV care continuum for marginalized communities, including youth, women affected by or living with HIV, im/migrant and refugee women, and sex workers both in Canada and globally. This foundation grant will support building capacity in applied sexual health and knowledge translation between researchers, policy makers and affected communities to reduce health and social inequities.

Congratulations to our members on such a successful competition!


WHRI Member Dr. Wendy Norman is being featured in Canadian Family Practice

WHRI researcher, Dr. Wendy Norman, is being featured in the current issue of the journal “Canadian Family Physician”.

Dr. Wendy Norman featured in Canadian Family Physician

Dr. Norman also is well known for her leadership in a national collaboration the Canadian Contraception Access Research Team (CART/ GRAC which aims to ensure equal access to family planning knowledge and services available for women and families in Canada.

This article highlights Dr. Norman’s role as Chair for the Section of Researchers for the College of Family Physicians where they are working to give a more friendly face to clinician research.

Please follow the link below to learn more:

Congratulations to Dr. Denise Pugash for PRIME!

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awards UBC $827,000 for research in maternal and infant health taking place at BC Women’s Hospital.

Dr. D. Pugash

The funds were awarded to study recent advances in ultrasound technology through PRIME -Perinatal Research Imaging Evaluation which will be led by BC Women’s Radiologist, and UBC clinical professor, Dr. Denise Pugash.

The newly renovated PRIME Centre will be located in BC Women’s Hospital, adjacent to the clinical ultrasound department.

Each year, over 7,000 babies are delivered and 16,000 ultrasound exams are performed at BC Women’s. Half of these pregnancies are high-risk due to serious maternal conditions or fetal abnormalities.

For more information please follow the link below :

2015 Nelly Auersperg Award Recipients: Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy and Dr. Flora Teng

This year’s Nelly Auersperg Award Recipients are Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy and Dr. Flora Teng.


Dr. Bedaiwy is researching the potential use of gonadotropic releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonists as an alternative therapy to treat ectopic pregnancy.

Dr. Teng’s work is in developing and piloting a contraceptive decision tool for Canadians and looking to generate tailored women-centered recommendations based on evidence.

We look forward to seeing more of their work.

Please also see the official UBC release:

About the Nelly Auersperg Award

The Nelly Auersperg Award supports pilot studies in women’s health which aim to generate preliminary data, test new approaches, methodologies or tools. The funding supports activities that will enable the pursuit of more ambitious studies and foster further funding applications.

Visit our Nelly Auersperg page for more information.

Dr. Brian Fitzsimmons is successful in his bid for the first Fellowship in Family Planning in Canada

Dr. Brian Fitzsimmons, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Abortion & reproductive Education (CARE) Program at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, and Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of General Gynaecology & Obstetrics at the University of British Columbia, has successfully obtained a Fellowship in Family Planning opportunity for Vancouver.


This news is history in the making as the Fellowship is the first of its kind in Canada.  The Fellowship is coordinated by the Fellowship in Family Planning National Office housed in the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California San Francisco.  The Fellowship in Family Planning is a two-year fellowship focused on subspecialty training in research, teaching and clinical practice in abortion and contraception.  Candidates for the program will be able to start applying this summer for positions starting July 2016.  In addition to clinical training, fellows will be trained in research methodologies and epidemiology through the UBC School of Population health as they earn a Masters of Health Science or a Masters in Public Health.

This program extends the training already done through the Ryan Program in Family Planning which started 8 years ago.  UBC’s Ryan Program is one of only two such programs in Canada offering OB/GYN residents training in comprehensive family planning.

For more information about the Fellowship visit:

For the UBC article release, please follow the following link: