The Women’s Health Research Institute is devoted to improving the health and health care of girls and women through knowledge generation, serving as a catalyst for research in women’s health and supporting an expanding provincial and national network of women’s health researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers.

Who We Are

  • A leading academic women’s and newborn health research centre embedded within BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre
  • A real and virtual organization designed to facilitate women’s health research in British Columbia and provide a community for women’s health researchers

Our Vision

  • Leading research: Better health for all women

Our Mandate

  • To act as the research arm of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre
  • To act as the face of women’s health research for the Provincial Health Services Authority
  • To support research activities designed to improve the health and health care of women and their families throughout British Columbia and globally

Our Mission

  • To create new evidence‐based solutions that inform and transform the health and health care of all women

Our Goals

  • To discover new knowledge to improve the health of girls and women
  • To create and promote a successful research enterprise
  • To communicate research discoveries and successes to researchers, stakeholders, and the public

Our Values

We are committed to encouraging excellence, promoting innovation, and advocating for a sustainable environment for women’s health research. The following core values underlie all aspects of the WHRI’s activities:

  • Women‐centred
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusivity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

We strive to be equitable and inclusive in how we collaborate, in what we prioritize, and in all that we do. To achieve our goals our research respects, works alongside, collaborates with, and supports the health of women across the LGBTQIA2S+ spectrum.

Our History

  • In March 2005, the Women’s Health Research Institute was established by BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre to enhance and galvanize the impact of women’s health research conducted at BC Women’s Hospital and throughout BC.
  • By embracing innovation and living the vision that leading research opens the doors to better health for all women, the Institute is rapidly becoming the leader in Women’s Health Research.

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